About Us

Amazing Heights was founded in Australia early  2017 as an online store dedicated to selling  different products ranging from jewellery, Children clothes, dog and  cat accessories, T-shirts, mobile phone cases, car accessories and other items.

Amazing Heights has become one of the fastest growing customer-focused online store dedicated to sourcing the highest quality products so that you can enjoy your shopping experience.

And don't worry: Just because we are based in Australia, it doesn't mean that you cannot order from us as we ship WORLDWIDE for FREE to over 185 countries for all the products we sell. It is our mission to remove any boundaries and open up the world to the best products and accessories.

Even though we are still growing, we are still dedicated to providing quality customer service and the best products. We love the products we give you and we are passionate about sourcing new, great and exciting products and accessories to help you enjoy your experience with us.


Feel free to browse through our store and you will be happy with your experience.