Electric Guitar Strings Cleaning Scrubber

Electric Guitar Strings Cleaning Scrubber

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Cleaning each string of your guitar is a great way to not only protect your instrument from unwanted damage but to prolong the life of your strings. Strings can add up in cost over time and the longer you are able to keep them in good condition the better it will be on your bank account. 

Oils from your fingers will make the strings corrode over time and they will lose their strength and sound. The good news is that you can wipe most of this oil off to avoid this corrosion. Just make sure you wipe down your strings after every practice or playing session.

We have this Guitar Strings Scrubber to help you and make your work easier. Get one for yourself at a low cost with Free Shipping.

Model Number: Guitar Strings Scrubber
Type: Strings Scrubber Cleaner
Material: : Fabric & Plastic
Product size: : 10.4 x 6 x 2.3cm
Product : weight: 29g / 1oz

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