Photo Lite- LED Selfie Light
Photo Lite- LED Selfie Light
Photo Lite- LED Selfie Light
Photo Lite- LED Selfie Light

Photo Lite- LED Selfie Light

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Take Awesome Photos And Make Killer Content With Photo Lite

 Looking for an easy way to create amazing content without using a photographer. Look no further...We can do just that with Photo Lite- The tool that turns good to great.

Easy to set-up in just minutes and super simple to break down afterwards. Making it easy for any beginner to get started in no time and gives you less hassle trying to carry it around without it taking up the entire bag.

Uniquely created with a hot shoe adapter that's compatible with just about any smartphone/ DSLR camera. Making it super convenient and cuts down your time setting up in half. Fully adjustable so you can catch killer snapshots from all sorts of angles.

 LED dimmable light that creates the setting right for any pictures/videos. Not only good for shooting footage but also doing your makeup, vlogging or even just as a handy light at your disposal. Making it perfect for all occasions

 If you really wish to take your content game to the next level then this is the product for you. Reliable, easy to use and most importantly... Create killer footage in no time.


Highly Compatible- With just about any smartphone/DSLR camera with no problem. Making it super easy to hook it up without all the hassle.

Multi-Use- Not only good for selfies and videos you can also use it to help put on your make-up and even as a handy light. Making it perfect for more than just amazing content.

High-Quality Content- Whether that's for a youtube video, Vlog or even just some amazing memories with your loved ones. Allows you to capture every moment from every angle.

Our Guarantee- If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you feel free to send us an e-mail at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked

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